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3D printed tyre for RC Tatra 130



December 27, 2015

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Watch videos 3D printed tyre for RC Tatra 130

This would have been an ordinary video, but there is much more to it - pay close attention to the right tyre mounted on the middle axle.
It is a 3D printed tyre using a flexible material called Flexfill manufactured by the Fillamentum company ( http://fillamentum.com ).
Please note, this flexible material (hardness 92A) is still under development and I took part in its testing.
Therefore, there is still only one colour version of the material - natural semitransparent white.
That's why the tyre is half black (coloured with black felt pen only ;) ) and the other half is white.
It was printed on Felix3.1 3D printer using the best possible quality (0.05mm layer thickness, slow print speed).

There is a harder version (98A) in black colour already available though.

The tyre itself is an exact 3D reconstruction of the original tyres mounted on Tatra 130 prototype in 1951.
This was possible, because there are a few Tatra 128's with these tyres remaining...

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