RC Truck Rescue Operations at Toy Fair 201611:07

RC Truck Rescue Operations at Toy Fair 2016



December 03, 2016

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Interesting rescue operations we did at Toy Fair 2016 in Ostrava.
As the video starts, the blue Mercedes dump truck is trying to pull the overloaded red Scania out of sand.
Pay close attention to its weight in the next scene (it weighs almost 11.5kg).
Then a red MAN semi trailer fell over when tipping sand - gets rescued by a tracked loader.
A lioness takes a lift on a wheel loader's bucket.
The fully loaded blue Mercedes dumptruck needs help getting onto the bridge - Tatra 130 tows it uphill successfully.
A finally, Caterpillar dumptruck gets stuck tipping sand. The Cat wheel loader saves it from falling down.

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