Testing new tyres: day 3rd - stuck in deep mud06:21

Testing new tyres: day 3rd - stuck in deep mud



July 13, 2016

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Watch videos Testing new tyres: day 3rd - stuck in deep mud

This is the third video showing Siberian-like muddy terrain. That's something we've done for the first time!

Compared to the previous street tyres, the new off-road ones provide substantial improvement of vehicle's off-road capabilities. Heavy terrain like this deep muddy ditch can now be passed even without chains mounted on the wheels!

Moreover, in this video Tatra 130 is showing her exceptional reliability. Even after the brutal mud bath in the first part of the video, she drove for almost a kilometer without any cleaning or maintenance. In fact, the next day she kept driving reliably for more than two hours - washing her whole chassis in the shallow waters of a sandy beach.

Details: http://www.drracer.eu/t130/20160607_pneu/index.html#a003

PS: No pigs were harmed during recording of this movie :)

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