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Toy Fair Ostrava 2016: Too Steep to Climb



November 06, 2016

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RC Truck Show at International Toy Fair in Ostrava 2016:
Too steep to climb? Watch RC trucks trying to drive up a relatively mild climb onto the large bridge. You can compare, how different trucks drive and what they are capable of.
Of course, one could easily say "Tatra is the best truck on the planet", but the reality was much more interesting:
1) It makes a huge difference driving a single truck or towing a loaded trailer.
2) All-wheel drive vs. 6x4 or 6x2 - more driven wheels mean better traction and thus climbing is much easier.
3) Open vs. locked differentials: the Peterbilt has no diff-locks - one wheel starts to spin and the truck looses traction and stops.
4) Weight distribution of loaded sand - pay close attention how the sand is in the back of the Scania - causing driven wheels (front and middle axle) lifting-off and loosing traction.

Also you can get an idea, how much cargo our RC can actually carry - Tatra 815 was loaded with 4.5kg of sand reaching 10.88kg curb weight and her trailer weighted another 8.66kg.

Btw. wondering why there is a small piggy standing on the roof of Tatra 815? Stay tuned to see what happened :) .

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